Editor: Aaron S. Allen

Associate Editor: Ben Cosgrove

Editorial Board: William Bares, Kevin Dawe, Sonja Downing, Sabine Feisst, Kate Galloway, Tyler Kinnear, Andrew Mark, Mark Pedelty, Michael Silvers, Maja Trochimczyk, Denise Von Glahn

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Vol. 3, no. 1 (April 2014) [PDF only]. In this issue:

Reclaim & Sustain: Homemade Instruments in Music Education, 1-5
Sara Louise Soltau

Pete Seeger (1919-2014), 6-7
Jeff Todd Titon

Classical Music in the Anthropocene, 8-12 & 30-51
Nathan Currier

Ecomusicologies 2014, 13-14
Tyler Kinnear

Ecomusicologies 2013, 15
Dan Bendrups

AMS 2013: Ecocriticism Study Group, 15
Kate Galloway & Rachel Mundy

Hearing Landscape Critically, 16-18
Daniel M. Grimley & Carina Venter

Ecomusicology in the News, 18-19
Michael Silvers

Teaching Ecomusicology
Music, Place, People: An Audiovisual Learning Project, 20-22
Mark Pedelty & Melody Hoffman

Performance and Place
Approaches to Place in Recent Field Recordings, Part 3, 23-27
Tyler Kinnear

Serenading the Mountains, 28-29
Graham Smith-White

Biographies, 52
Editorial Board, 52

Vol. 2, no. 2 (October 2013) [PDF only]. In this issue:

Discussion: Music in the Anthropocene, 1-2
Nathan Currier

The Study of the Music & Culture of the Environmental Crisis, 3 & 20-23
Juha Torvinen & Andreas Engström

Ecomusicologies 2013, 4-5
Dan Bendrups

Music, Nature, Place: A New Book Series, 6
Sabine Feisst & Denise Von Glahn

Of Ecomusicological Interest at AMS Pittsburgh, 7
Aaron S. Allen

Of Ecomusicological Interest at SEM Indianapolis, 8-9
Kate Galloway

Ecomusicology in the News, 10
Michael Silvers

Expanding Ecomusicology, 11
Kate Galloway & Andrew Mark

Music & Environment Symposium, 12-13
Hollis Taylor & Andrew Hurley

Teaching Ecomusicology
Active Listening via Soundwalks, 14-15
Aaron S. Allen

Performance and Place
Approaches to Place in Recent Field Recordings, Part 2, 16-19
Tyler Kinnear

Biographies, 24
Editorial Board, 24

Vol. 2, no. 1 (March 2013) [PDF only]. In this issue:

Interview with Derek Scott, Kevin Dawe, 1-4

Performance & Place
Approaches to Place in Recent Field Recording Compositions, Tyler Kinnear, 5-7

Teaching Ecomusicology
A Survey of Ecomusicology-Related Courses, Sonia Downing, 8-11

Ecomusicologies 2013, Dan Bendrups, 12

Ecomusicologies 2012, Michael Silvers, 13

Activities of the ESG & ESIG in New Orleans, Aaron S. Allen, 14

Ecomusicological Themes in Two Antipodean Conferences, Robin Ryan, 15-17

IASPM 2013, Mark Pedelty, 17-18

Review of Making Music in the Polish Tatras, Maja Trochimczyk, 18-19

Vol. 1, no. 2 (October 2012) [PDF only]. In this issue:

  • Feature Article: “Ecology and Ethno/musicology: The Metaphorical, the Representational, and the Literal,” Marc Perlman, pp. 1, 15-21.
  • Conference Reports:
    • Musical Environments (August 24–25, 2012), Andrew Mark, Tyler Kinnear, Yun Emily Wang, and John Pippen, pp. 2-3.
  • Reviews of Recent Publications [Krause (2012), Björk (2011), National Parks Project, Adams (2009), Ingram & Coup, eds. (2011), Ingram (2010), Pedelty (2012)], Michael Silvers, pp. 4-6.
  • A Preview of Ecomusicologies 2012 and Related Activities at the Joint Annual Meetings of the AMS, SEM and SMT,Aaron Allen and Kevin Dawe, pp. 7-11.
  • Teaching Ecomusicology, Sonja Lynn Downing, p. 12.
  • Performance & Place: Two Lives of the Krakow “Hejnał Mariacki” On Air and In the Air, Maja Trochimczyk, pp. 13-14.
  • Contributors & Editorial Board, p. 22.

Vol. 1, no. 1 (January 2012) [PDF only]. In this issue:

  • Letter from the Editor, Mark Pedelty, p. 1.
  • Conference Reports:
    • Thirty Seventh Annual Conference of the Society for American Music, Tyler Kinnear, p. 2.
    • Music and Nature Conference, University of Music and Dance, Cologne, Anika Mittendorf, pp. 3-4.
    • International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Canada, Andrew Mark, p. 5.
  • “The Ecomusicology Bibliography via Zotero: A Dynamic and Emerging Scholarly Resource,” Aaron S. Allen & Miranda Freeman, pp. 6-9.
  • CFP: Ecomusicologies 2012, p. 10.
  • Contributors, p. 11.